Long  Global Aeronautics (LGA) was established in 2016 to support the F-16  Fleet worldwide. LGA specializes in distributing F-16 electrical and  structural components to a fleet of over 4,500 F-16’s.  LGA is a  registered Woman Owned Small Business and certified HUBZone Corporation  based in Fort Worth, Texas. LGA is conveniently located only 4 miles  from Lockheed Martin, where the F-16 was originally designed and built. 

 Suzanne  Long is the owner and CEO of Long Global Aeronautics. Owning and  operating multiple businesses for over 30 years has taught Suzanne how  valuable accountability, perseverance and an unwavering work ethic truly  are. LGA's mission is to be a reliable and trusted partner to those in  the aeronautics industry. Being a HUB Zone corporation, our passion is  to employ, mentor and improve our community. When you partner with Long  Global Aeronautics, you are providing a positive change and empowering  generations to come.